Waterfront Quays Apartments
Luxury waterfront apartments in Port Vila, Vanuatu

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New - recently completed air-conditioned and beautifully appointed Apartments - overlooking Port Vila Harbour Two bedroom serviced apartments are available for short or long term rentals.

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Waterfront Quays Boutique Apartments - an introduction

Waterfront Quays, spacious two and three bedroom air-conditioned apartments has just completed construction in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Right next to the Yachting World Marina and the Waterfront Bar and Grill, these first class apartments are available for short or long term rental. You will be close to downtown Port Vila, shops, an internet cafe and with a beautiful beach only a short distance away.

If you plan on extended stays in Vanuatu, these are the perfect solution for you. Reasonable rates on a weekly, monthly, six monthly or annual basis will make this the economical choice for discerning businesses or individuals.

The first thing you should know about living in Port Vila in general and Waterfront Quays in particular is probably already evident. Things are kind of informal here. This isn't a mini-Gold Coast condo we're talking about where nobody knows anybody else in the middle of a frantic city.

It's a very attractive, solidly built building with 14 apartments that is part of an existing waterfront complex with a restaurant, marina, office building, Internet cafe and yachting centre. Port Vila might be the capital "city" of Vanuatu but it has a total population of a small country town (about 27,000). Frantic is never a word that springs to mind when thinking about Port Vila.

Most of the people in Port Vila are ni-Vanuatu. Only about 2500 come from overseas and they have come from just about everywhere; France, England, Germany,Italy, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Japan, Malaysia, Viet Nam, China, Korea, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, New Caledonia, South Africa, even South America. They are all interesting characters - especially those who have lived here for many years. There are no common denominators to describe why these people came here or why they stay here.

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Waterfront Quays Apartments in Port Vila Vanuatu


Waterfront Quays Apartments: Self contained, secure, comfortable, convenient apartments with deep water frontage.

Location: The best waterfront apartment rentals in Port Vila

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